The winners

The winners

Barry and Mirain Evans – a father and daughter from Chwilog, near Pwllheli – are the winners of Cân i Gymru 2014.

Barry, a former member of folk Group Y Moniars, started the song Galw Amdanat Ti (Calling For You) 20 years ago.

They finished the song together, and Mirain, a pupil ar Ysgol Glan y Môr, Pwllheli, performed the song in the final.


Are you still on cloud nine?

It's started to sink in. People have been congratulating me over the weekend so it's starting to feel real. It's been a fantastic weekend.

How were your nerves on the night?

I was nervous for Mirain. She's sung in Eisteddfodau across Wales, but this was the first time for her to perform live on TV. It was a completely new experience for her as a singer – and for me as a father!

During rehearsals, there were a couple of mistakes, just small blips. I really hoped these wouldn't play on her mind before the live performance, and they didn't.

Her friends had come to support her and the presenters, Elin Fflur and Gethin Evans, made her feel at home. When the time came, she was fantastic!

You'd started writing the song 20 years ago. Do you regret not finishing it sooner?

Not really. It's down to luck that Mirain came across the song and things have worked out for the best. I wouldn't have had the chance to win Cân i Gymru if I'd finished it back then. But, to be honest, the prize money doesn't bother me that much.

Have you any more songs, half finished?

I do have one unfinished song. I don't think this one will suit Mirain's style, but I'd love to work with her again in the future.


How have people reacted to your win?

I had lots of people congratulating me at school on Monday. I couldn't pass a teacher without them stopping to congratulate me!

You're in your final year at secondary school. Would you like to do more performing when you're older?

I love singing and I felt comfortable performing this song which suited my style. Next year I'm going to continue studying drama and music and I would love to make a living as a performer.

Had you ever composed before?

I had written a couple of songs, but nothing serious or anywhere near this level. It was a difficult task.

How were your nerves on the night?

Dad was much more nervous than me. I was quite chilled! I'd like to write another song - I want to try again next year.