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Byw yn ôl y Llyfr

In 1870 Thomas Thomas wrote a book called ‘Llyfr Pawb ar Bob Peth’ (Everybody’s Book about Everthing). It was a book telling the Welsh people of the time of Victoria how to live and to behave properly. In the series ‘Byw yn ôl y Llyfr’ (Living according to the Book) Tudur Owen and Bethan Gwanas live like people from Victorian times.
The ‘Slide Show’ and ‘Talking to...’ are exact translations of the Mynediad/Entry Level version; so, when ready, please move up to see how much you can understand.

Using the Activities

Click on one of the episodes on the left. You'll usually find a slide show to take you through the programme, a clip with script, an interview, a game and a wordsearch.