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Ken Walsh


Ken runs the local taxi firm, K-Kabs. He is married to Kay and is the father of Kelvin, Klaire and Kylie.

He’s had a colourful past and went to prison for a while, but that is now in his past.

Ken has an eye for the ladies and whilst he and Kay were separated, he lived with Jo. He also had a fling with Nia and whilst the family were on holiday in Blackpool, Iris also tried her luck with Ken!

But following Kylie’s illness, which saw their daughter spend a lot of time in hospital in Liverpool, Ken and Kay have become much closer.

Ken thinks of himself as a businessman, but the reality is that Kay wears the trousers in their relationship! The family have had several businesses including K-Babs, a takeaway caravan, and K-Wash, a laundrette.