The Programme Service

S4C's programme service is designed to provide a wide range of programmes for viewers of all ages, interests and in all parts of Wales.

S4C Content Strategy outlines...

The S4C Content Strategy builds on S4C's Creative Excellence iniative launched in 2004, and sets out the channel's vision as the provider of inventive, original, high-quality content that delivers value to audiences.

The Strategy notes that S4C will enhance and invest in its coverage of Welsh events, commision programmes that celebrate the Welsh landscape, offer high quality drama, top-class entertainment and music, feature high-profile sports coverage - particularly rugby and football.

Further 2012, all of S4C's commissioned content will be produced in High Definition (HD) format.

In partnership with our programme producers we are working to promote creative excellence. High production values with particular emphasis on visual style are a priority.

We operate a continuous development and commissioning process. This is a flexible and pro-active system which enables us to be responsive to audience needs and scheduling requirements. Ideas submitted will be given a prompt response in order to assist business planning.

We are open to ideas from all producers who are able to meet S4C's commissioning criteria and look forward to stimulating creative dialogue.

Programme Requirements Commissioning Window 2


Commissioning Window 2


Window 2 opens 12.00 mid-day 28 October 2011
Window 2 closes 12.00 mid-day 30 November 2011

Short list announced 19 December 2012
Commissions announced 18 January 2012

Programme Requirements Commissioning Window 2

It should be noted that the Friday night slot for weeks 24, 29, 30, 48, 49, 50 and 51 is 2130-2230.